Work with the Head before the Hands


Attention spans are short and being ‘busy’ is a self-awarded trophy. This means content needs to be brief and leave a lasting first impression.

A picture needs to now be worth more than 1000 words.

On the end of ‘Visuals’ my focus is on direction, photography, video, and graphic design.

For a brand, large or small, they were founded on their passion. No matter what, that passion requires to be succinct.

Communicating Visually

Visual communication may sound new, that’s more than fine. I’ve put consideration into what it is that I do exactly without slapping a buzzword onto it and throw in the towel. life is a long haul. The idea boils down to what I’m passionate about. Delivering a brand’s message.

Bridging between image making and direction, visuals can wear many hats. Whatever hat it may wear, the function of it is to communicate for the brand.


Painting what I do with such a broad stroke leaves a few questions. Commercial work for me has ranged from start-ups in health and wellness through to the industrial sector, but my passion lies within the outdoors, and that is something I always will always remain close to.

Work-flow relates well to the scientific process. The biggest question is “How will this serve?” after the ‘this’ is materialised the work is built on a strong foundation, evolved by feedback serves and experimentation.


When I shoot I work with a documentative style always in mind. The direction applied to projects aims to fit a brands beliefs and core values, eliminating any major rift between the value of applied direction and the images themselves being documentary based.

In regards to design, or any visuals, simplicity reigns. This relates back to application, considering “How will it serve?” and removing anything that is unneeded and does not serve.