Animalia Canadiana

Client: Personal - Fine Art
Date: 08.24.10
Medium Photography, Digital Collage, Wood-working


Wilderness vs Wildness

Animalia Canadiana was conceived as an acknowledgement to mans conquest of nature and the outdoors. We have come to a point, where it is possible to imitate nature to the extent of duplication.

Each landscape is fictional and pieced together as a digital collage using between 8 to 30 photographs, which I have previously taken.

Elements within the landscape are annotated to acknowledge the understanding of the landscape.

The wood for the frames is selected from the common habitat of each animal, then milled. For the black bear, cedar is used; for the elk: spruce; the bighorn sheep: poplar; the moose: white pine and milled by myself.


Each piece is printed digitally onto archival canvas, then stretched. Each are roughly sized to 27 x 52” after framing.


Pricing begins at $1350 for direct and local purchases. A reduced rate is offered for the full set of four.